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St Michaels, Sheerwater is part of the ecclesiastical parish of All Saints, Woodham it is currently under a Bishop's Mission Order (BMO) and a decision of the mission order will be made in 2026. Information about the church at their activities can be found here. 




                  Reverend Gillaine Holland

Gillaine is the leader of the Bishop’s Mission Order at St Michael’s and an ordained priest in the Church of England. Appointed to lead and grow the church during the Regeneration, she lives on Sheerwater and can be spotted on her distinctive lime green bike around the estate.   Gillaine has worked as a homeless hostel manager, a prison chaplain and an artist/illustrator amongst other things. She loves shaping worship creatively, spending time in school and getting to know the community. ‘For me, faith is about every moment of every day: learning to live fully, joyfully and with integrity as the person God made me to be. It’s a life-long journey and I’m loving this part of the adventure that has brought me to Sheerwater.’  Gillaine volunteers in prison with the Sycamore restorative justice project and co-leads Kairos (a Christian LGBTI support group). In her spare time, she loves reading, latin/ballroom dancing and art galleries (although her children say her main hobby is talking to people and they’re probably right!)

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